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Web Edition: What's New

Version 12

After extensive re-design, and years in development, we are proud to release our newest version. We have added many exciting new features based on user requests, plus a few of our own. We have moved to a subscription-based licensing model. This greatly reduces the initial cost of using our software, and ensures that our clients will always enjoy free support and product updates, for as long as their subscription is current. If you are updating from version 10 or earlier, please be advised that read-only users do require a user license; however, legacy read-only users (before 2017) will continue to be able to use the program without a license, and only new read-only users will need a license. We have also added a new location feature which allows you to segregate data by location within the same database. You may track as many locations as you like; however, if you wish to grant users access to data from only one location, you will need a location license for each separate location beyond your primary location.

Training Records

  • Assign training to one location, or all locations.
  • Set training to expire in a specified number of days or months.
  • You can set a grace period, and a "due by" date will be calculated as that number of days after hire or new release.
  • Upload a file or document associated with each training to the server for employees to view, or link the file using a hyperlink.
  • Restore deleted training records.
  • New revisions may be imported with your training records.
  • More fields on the training list screen, and on training completion screens.
  • A unique number is required for each training.

Employee Records

  • Job title history is stored whenever job titles change.
  • View completed exam questions and answers.
  • Restore deleted employees.
  • More fields on the employee list screen.
  • Unique ID numbers allow you to easily distinguish between employes.


  • Exam users see their score and pass/fail after they take an exam.
  • Exam users can cancel their enrollment in a class.
  • Easier to enter and edit exam questions and answers.


  • Allow users to view one location, or all locations.
  • User names are automatically added when employee records are added.
  • Set a user to "inactive". Inactive users can't log in, and users associated with inactive employees can't log in.
  • Search users by any part of the user name, first name, or last name.
  • Unique user names are required.
  • More fields on the user list screen.
  • Faster login, with no confirmation screen.


TRAIN TRACK® Web Edition Version 10.5

Automatic Email Notices

  • Automatically send notices of training due within 30 days
  • Sends reminder notices of training due within 10 days
  • Uses your SMTP mail server

Limit Enrollment by Class Capacity

  • Set the capacity for each class location, and the program will prevent additional employees from enrolling

More Reports

  • Print class sign-in sheets
  • View selected reports as pdf or export them to Excel
  • More reports and report filtering

Enhanced Importing from Excel

  • Update existing training records by importing data from Excel (previously this was only true for employee records, now you may update training records as well).

Password Security

  • Passwords are stored in the database using a one-way hash that can't be read
  • Users can reset thei passwords

Plus many other enhancements!

TRAIN TRACK® Web Edition Version 10

Our Web interface has been updated to work with the version 10 database. Here are some of the new features:


  • Add revisions to training documents, and require re-training for the new version.
  • Edit revision records.


  • Designate training as parent/child modules. When a parent is required, the child training is also required.
  • Record completions for the parent or the child and the corresponding records will be updated.
  • Indicate the number of children required for the parent to be considered complete. Use this feature to substitute one training for another.


  • Select employees to be exempt from required training.

Expiration Calculation

  • Now the expiration date is calculated each time you see it, based on the number of months to expire, or a new revision, whichever comes first.

Multiple Job Titles

  • Assign multiple job titles to each employee.
  • Training requirements for all assigned job titles are automatically required for the employee.

Training Records

  • New fields: Description and Release date have been added to each training record. Revision and Completion Status have been added to the Completed and History tabs.
  • Training Types are now selected from a list that you can edit.


  • When importing employee or training records, existing records will be updated with new information, and new items will be added to the lookup lists.
  • When importing completion records, new training or employee records will be added.


  • Search the list of users.
  • The program does not allow you to enter duplicate user names.
  • Exam-level users are automatically taken to the exam selection screen when they open the application.
  • Limited users may add required training for individuals under their supervision.


  • All of the reports have been updated, and new filtering options have been added to allow the user to view reports for a selected department, training, or employee.
  • Limited users may view the reports listing only their subordinates.
  • Exam-level users may view the reports listing only their own records.

Class Locations

  • Select class location from a list.
  • Edit the list of class locations.
  • Record a capacity for each location.

Preventing Duplicate Records

  • The program will not allow you to enter multiple completions for the same employee and the same training on the same date.
  • The program will not allow you to schedule the same employee multiple times for the same class.

TRAIN TRACK® Web Edition Version 9.5

  • Audit Trail: Retain a history of every record change.
  • Add electronic signatures to exam completion records.
  • Import records from Excel®.
  • Update a group of records all at once.
  • Send email notifications of class registration.
  • Users may reset their own password.
  • Search employee records and training records.
  • Audit trail tracks all record changes.
  • Calendar pop-ups added to date selection fields.
  • Additional reports, including filter by department or training.