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"...Train Track is an awesome database. I have worked in training for  many years and I haven’t seen any that are this good. Your pricing is remarkable as well!"
Brenda Jardine, DEW Engineering

"...just wanted you to know that your product has always been Heads & Shoulders above even the Big Boys of the industry."
George T. Lopac IIIThank you card

"TRAIN TRACK is an excellent, robust, capable, flexible, and cost effective system to record and maintain records of company/employee activity as an Access Data Base."
David C. Klugh, Training Manager, NuScale Power

"I’ve been using the Due by Employee Within Range report for several weeks, and wanted to send thanks.  This saves considerable time on my Tuesday Training notification prep."
Jonathan R.

"I love your product and your service and I will continue to brag about Train Track any where I can."
Sue Parker

“In the aviation industry there are a multitude of training requirements that employees must meet.  Airports, airlines, and human resource managers are constantly tasked with maintaining a sharp, educated, workforce.  I am proud to say that Liberty Lab’s TrainTrack software has been the best software I have ever used in my career to train staff.  The ease of use and great customer support are unparalleled by anyone.  Thank you Liberty Labs!”
Jesse Fosnaugh – Branson Airport, Missouri

"This software has made a world of difference in how North Alabama tracks and reports all training of employees and contract staff. Because of this software, we believe we have set the standard within the State of Alabama mental health system for training documentation. Our most recent licensing and accreditation surveys have been a tremendous success in the areas of employee training and record-keeping thanks, in large part, to Train Track!"
Susan E. Szczepanski, Director of Staff Development

"I would like to thank you for developing the two reports for Fuller Austin. Train Track has proved to be a good program for our needs but with your support it is an excellent program."
Dean Forest, Fuller Austin

"The reporting capabilities, by specific employees, groups, or classes, etc. are a great feature if OSHA comes a'knockin'!"
Ellen C., Santa Clara, CA

"Good, simple programme. Used it to transfer from an all singing all dancing database for quality records / doc control - it was just too cumbersome and slow. Very pleased with the software (and cost) and have recommended it to others."
Derek L., UK

"I am extremely happy with this quick and easy it is to see what trainings are needed by each employee. I had a ton of questions prior to purchasing and every question was answered promptly and curtiously."
Liz E., Hackettstown, NJ

"Always there and ready to solve any issue.  This is a big deal and you do great Sharon!"
Brian R., FDA Regulated Health Care Company

"[I like] being able to very easily retrieve and publish each employees training record. We only had a simply paper system, but with TrainTrack we now have a quite sophisticated electronic data retrieval system."  
Bob P., Coventry, U.K

"I love TT because it easily maintains quite complex information and allows me to produce information for regulators quickly."
Helen P., Australia

"Customer service has been excellent."
Patricia C., Beverly, MA

"ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL...easy to use and technical support when I have needed it goes ABOVE & BEYOND TO ASSIST & RESOLVE CUSTOMER ISSUES!!...Thank you so much for your help, and you have no idea how "priceless" the departmental reports are to us statewide!! You're a lifesaver!!"
Marcie Manuszak, Division of Developmental Services in Delaware

"Nice product.  Great value.  Really good support from Sharon. [I like] being able to double click on a person or a training to see the detail.  I also like the information captured."
Greg S.

"The program is called traintrack and it is very easy to use. I had all my employee data on an Excel spreadsheet and was able to download that information into the program within 5 seconds. I highly recommend it."
Darlene Miller, SC

"I want to thank you for the very creative database design that saved me from many hours of development and testing."
Brent B., CA

"At our local ASQ meeting, I mentioned how we had been delighted with the Train Track system and someone there asked for additional info. I told him to look up your website, download the demo, and see what he thought of it. ...I thought I’d let you know that you have a happy customer who is willing to spread the word."
Mark L. (FDA regulated company)

"We’re very excited about your program. It appears to be just what we’ve been looking for relative to training record retention and tracking."
Pat B., Factory Manager, NC

"...I wanted to thank you for all the last minute support you gave me on this! ...Overall, we are very happy with the software and its capabilities!"
Erin F., Defense Contractor, Washington D.C.

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Train Track. It provides some really nice features and is so much better than tracking our training on just a spreadsheet!"
Steve, Training Manager

"The improvements to Train Track over the last two years has helped me manage and track trainings better. In addition, you are responsive and listen to your customers well."
Damon B., Compliance Manager, CA

"I love this package and it has really helped us get our development program off the ground."
Greg S., Germany

"I am a novice at Access but, this was a huge find for me. We really needed this database for our company. I look forward to making some changes with the forms to customize for our needs."
Sandy D., HR Benefits Administrator

"We purchased the open source version of Train Track knowing that we would have to make modifications to meet our needs. Liberty Labs really worked with and for us to make those changes happen. An unexpected outcome has been that the program offers more functionality than we were originally seeking. Now we have a program that we can grow into."
Jackie B., Quality Coordinator, Community College in Ohio

"Just wanted to say thanks. I've been wanting to develop a database like this the last 4 years, but with my relatively limited knowledge, I never had the time to bring it to fruition. You have saved me many hours of labor. And with it being an Access database, I can modify the reports and forms as needed. I'm really pumped! I am the training coordinator for a group of about 115 personnel and tracking qualifications has been a chore. This will really simplify things."
Kevin N., Security Training Coordinator

"This program has been a life saver, THANK YOU!"
Hayley S., UT

"I have reviewed several programs on the market that are supposed to "track" training and so far this product is fantastic! From what I have seen your program has the features I have been looking for. Thank you."
Tim B., OH

"I love your product so far!!!"
Beth J., VA

"Train Track is just what we need."
Aleina S., MD

"[TRAIN TRACK is] a fantastic way to log and report on training sessions done, and staff training received etc."
Kitty B., UK

"Train Track is working great for us. In fact during many customer audits in 2004 your product got kudos from some of the largest Pharmaceutical manufacturers as being easy to use and very effective."
Brian E., Quality Systems Manager

"You've been my best expert so far."
Justin, an analyst from E*TRADE Bank

"You're the expert--people told me this couldn't be done!"
Steve Sloane, California Referral Services, Inc.

"I am impressed with how easy it was for [Liberty Labs staff] when it was so hard for us."
Vic W., Engineering Corporation President

"This is just too easy!"
Carolyn W., Ph.D., Scientist

"This is awesome, it's going to save us so much time! You really listen!"
Peggy G., Financial Services Compliance Department

"Our volume has gone up, and our workload has gone down."
Rosann T., Financial Services Department Manager

"I had no idea a database program could do all that!"
Janet Benton, Midnight Media

"That program you created is sweet!"
Bob Rumsay, Microelectronic Packaging, Inc.

"This is exactly what we needed. It will really change the way we work."
Rodrigo Delatorre, Osicom Technologies

"I really really like what I see!"
Gwen Snyder, Wendy's Oasis

"Your program was the bright spot of the entire audit!"
Nick Ortensi, MeltroniX, Inc.

"I wish we'd found you years ago!"
Nancy Williams, Tea & Sympathy