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Compliance and Audits


In the event Client requires Vendor to meet specific security or quality standards, Client agrees to reimburse Vendor for ordinary and reasonable costs of compliance, including computer hardware, software, and professional services, plus a 25% surcharge on all costs for administration.


In the event that the client requires a vendor audit, there will be an audit fee. Including our software validation in the audit requires purchase of the Validation Package. The fee is due one week prior to the audit being conducted. The fee is to cover costs associated with participating in the audit, including time spent responding to requests and filling out forms. Charging this fee helps us keep our software prices low for all clients.

Survey Audit (conducted via survey with no site visit) Vaies, contact us for price.

Site Visit Audit (conducted in person at our location) Vaies, contact us for price.


If you cancel the audit one week or more in advance, you will be charged a $500 cancellation fee. If you cancel within one week of the scheduled date, you will still be responsible for payment in full. If you reschedule the audit, there will be a $500 rescheduling fee.


All prices are US Dollars and subject to change without notice.