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Standard Features

These features are available in all editions:

Assign Required Training

  • Assign required training by job title, department, individual, company-wide, or any combination. You can Assign multiple job titles to each employee, so you can use these to describe any group of employees that needs training.Training Detail Screenshot
  • Designate training required for one location or all locations.
  • Create exceptions to exclude individuals from a required training.
  • When a new employee is added, the required training is automatically listed based on job titles and department.

Notify Employees

  • TRAIN TRACK® can be set to automatically send email notices to employees and/or supervisors, for training that is due or scheduled.
  • You may also manually send notices to employees or supervisors.

Deliver Training

  • Schedule classes and enroll employees.Employee detail screen
  • Indicate a maximum capacity for each training location to limit enrollment.
  • Allow employees to take exams electronically, or indicate that they have completed a training and sign the record with an electronic signature.
  • Allow employees to review a linked document or presentation before taking the exam.
  • View completed exams with answers and scores.

Track Training Completions

  • Completion records may be added for both required and non-required training.
  • Each training can be set to expire after a specified number of months or days, or to never expire.
  • When you have a new revision for a training (or document), you may elect to automatically expire all completions from the previous versions.
  • Enter completion records for groups of employees all at once.
  • Retain training history when an employee completes a training multiple times over the years.
  • Set the status of a training or employee to "inactive" to keep the data but not include it in reports.

Metrics and Reports

  • View the status of all employees required to complete each training.Search and Report Screenshot
  • Status is automatically calculated as needed, scheduled, completed, failed (if an exam is required), or expired.
  • Print a variety of standard reports.
  • Use filters to create custom reports.

Import and Export

  • Import data from another program or file using the Excel® templates. New records will be added, and existing records will be updated with new information.
  • When you import records, new items for look-up lists (such as job title or department) will be automatically added to those lists.
  • Export data to Excel® or other standard file formats, or send it as an email attachment.

Employee Records

  • Add new job titles, departments, shifts, locations, or employee types as you need them, or import them with your employee data.
  • Track job title history.
  • Link a document or file to each employee record.

User Access Levels

  • Assign read-and-edit, read-only, or limited access to users.
  • Limit users to only view/edit training and employee records from one location.*
  • Users are authenticated using their Windows® login, or a user name and encrypted password.

Audit Trail and Electronic Signatures

* These features are not available in the Desktop Edition.

Bonus Features

These bonus features are only available if you use the Desktop or Client interface:

  • Select to sort by training title or training number, and all screens and reports will automatically be sorted that way.Sign-in Sheet
  • Send automatic email notices and reminder notices for classes scheduled. Send automatic email notices to a list of recipients. Send notices as they become due, or send them monthly.
  • Upload a photo of each employee, and track optional Human Resources data such as Social Security number, birth date, address, and phone numbers.
  • Track skills, education, qualifications, or certificates.
  • Add a Date Started and Date Due to any required training for each employee.
  • You may over-ride the calculated expiration by manually entering an expiration date.
  • Set up approved trainers.
  • Print sign-in sheets with barcodes and enter completion records by simply scanning in the barcodes.
  • Attach a document or file to each training completion record.
  • Print over 60 standard reports featuring your own logo.
  • Print individual certificates of completion, or print them for an entire class.
  • Filter for any criteria from multiple fields at once (for example, all trainings completed in May by employees in the IT department or with job title containing "Manager"). Generate reports based on your criteria or export the search results directly to Excel®.
  • Allow any level of user to view/edit only one department.*
  • Set password expiration and timeout interval.

These bonus features are available only in the Web interface:

  • Allow employees to log in to enroll in classes or cancel enrollment.
  • Upload training documents to the server and create automatic links.
  • Send an instant email notice when you enroll an employee in a class.

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