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Customizable License Supplement

If you would like to make your own changes to TRAIN TRACK®, we offer a customizable license. The customizable license includes an open source code version of the program. You will have access to all of the database objects in design view, and all of the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or VB Script program code. You will be able to make design changes to meet your needs within your organization. Some restrictions apply; see the license agreement or contact us for details.

With the Customizable Edition, your license also includes a copy of the Software Design Specification document, which covers the technical details of the software design. It includes overall program logic, table relationship diagrams, detailed descriptions of functions and screens, data sources, and detailed index.

Your subscription includes technical support, including support for making your modifications to the program.

Types of Modifications

  • Modify any of the program screens, or add new screens
  • Modify any of the reports, or add new reports
  • Modify data sources
  • Modify queries and program logic
  • Add new functions
  • Link to external programs

Permitted and Restricted Uses

  • You may install an additional development copy of the software.
  • You are authorized to make functional modifications for use only within your company or organization and at only one location.
  • You may only use one copy of the modified program in a production environment.
  • You may NOT remove or modify the LIBERTY LABS, LLC logo, the TRAIN TRACK® trademark, or the Software's "About" screen.
  • You may NOT export or redistribute any portion of the program, code, or documentation.
  • You may NOT re-purpose the application, or modify the program to be used for tracking unrelated data.
  • Liberty Labs, LLC retains ownership of the software and copyrights of the software.
  • Your subscription must remain current in order to continue using the software.